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Family Juggling Night Evening    
Mike Vondruska and his staff of juggling instructors are all experienced at
effectively teaching up to 100 students per session in elementary schools
and up to 125 students per session in middle - high schools.
Our juggling instructors
will supply all the teaching
materials, sound system,
and wireless microphone.



Training Wheels for Juggling

With younger students, we use colorful 100% nylon scarves made specifically for learning juggling skills. Each student will have plenty of time to clearly see the juggling pattern as the light scarves slowly float down after each toss.


"Hands-On" Juggling Skills Workshop
Kids in pre-kindergarten through 2nd or 3rd grade will get a mini aerobics style workout as well as learn to improve their fine motor skills and eye-tracking abilities with a series of fun exercises using 1 and 2 juggling scarves. The older kids (3rd or 4th and older) will actually learn variations with 2 and 3 scarves..
Programs range from 1/2 day to a full day of Workshop Sessions.
Older students may also start with juggling scarves or begin with non-bounce balls depending on their previous experiences with learning to juggle. Those students who already know how to juggle 3 round objects will be taken aside and taught additional variations.
For Middle / Jr. High / High Schools

"Hands-On" Juggling Skills Workshop

Multiple day workshop classes are very popular with the teenage crowd. During your regular PE periods, our trained instructors will lead each class in a step-by-step progression toward the goal of keeping 3 objects moving in the basic recognized juggling pattern. After demonstrating each step, the instructor(s) will move around the room providing each student with individualized attention. Of course, your PE teachers will be there to assist as well.


We play exciting upbeat music in the background when the students are practicing. Kids love to groove to the beat as they learn.



"Can Do Attitude"

Family Juggling Night Event
An evening of Fun & Play as a Family
Music and laughter permeates through the gym as everyone tries their hand at juggling scarves. From the 3 year olds to Grandma and Grandpa . . . Everyone participates and learns as a family! At the conclusion of the evening, Mike or one of his Illinois Juggling Institute instructors will show off their juggling talents with an entertaining demonstration.


Library Programs / Park District / Summer Camps
Entertaining Performances & Workshops Available


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