Middle / Jr. High / High School Programs



-Motivational Assembly Program-
-2 or 3 Full Days of Juggling Workshops-
-Combination of the above-


Assembly Program

PASSPORT to Everyday Adventures is a 45 minute high energy assembly program designed to show young adults how to use their own "PASSPORT" to create for themselves their own adventures in discovering the world that surrounds them each day.

By combining massive amounts of audience participation, physical comedy, and real life stories, Mike Vondruska will lead his audience toward understanding how to be proactive and make correct choices when unexpected challenges come into their life. He will also help students to recognize the personal rewards gained by showing respect for others. Lastly, Mike will teach the value of making a Life List of goals and show the students how to create a working action plan toward achieving them.

Student Participation Juggling Workshops

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3 Full Days of Workshops Classes

Working closely with your physical education teachers, Mike and/or one of his highly qualified juggling instructors will lead multiple workshops for students during their regular PE class. Our instructor(s) will bring all the juggling supplies necessary to teach up to 125 students per class. That means your PE teachers can combine together all the classes that meet during the same gym time period.

With a wireless microphone headset and upbeat music playing in the background, the instructor(s) will teach the basic patterns of juggling in a carefully designed step-by-step progression using scarves and/or non-bounce balls. Those students who already know how to juggle will be taken aside and taught more advanced variations.

During the 3 days of instructions, messages of goal setting, encouragement, and persistence will be echoed throughout each workshop class.
Perhaps your PE teachers may already be teaching juggling to their students. That's great! And that is even more reason to schedule our program. It is like having a professional baseball player coming in to work with the youth baseball team. The kids are excited to meet him, the professional will take them to the next level, and they will get to watch an expert demonstrate his abilities in this case really cool juggling tricks.
You can schedule 3 consecutive days for us to come to your school
or you can schedule us to come every other day.
Here is an example of every other day.
Monday We give a short demonstration and then start the first teaching session during each gym class period.
Tuesday Your PE teachers continue the process. We will loan them the teaching materials for this session.
Wednesday We return for another day to begin teaching them new variations.
Thursday PE teachers lead the juggling sessions with their classes.
Friday We return once again for one more day of instructions.
In this way, your PE teachers can schedule a whole week of juggling lessons and your students will have had extra time to learn this new skill that they will remember for a lifetime.
Two Full Days of Workshops Classes
One of our juggling instructors will conduct "hands-on" juggling workshop sessions during each PE class period throughout a two day time period.
Some people have asked, "Why don't we only offer a one day workshop?"
The reason is simple. We feel that one class period is not enough time to effectively teach the step-by-step juggling progression. More practice time is need as well as the time for the instructor(s) to personally help each student.
Juggling supplies will be made available for purchase to all interested students. For a list of these items and how your school can earn a rebate from these purchases, click here - Juggling Supplies.
Assembly & Juggling Workshop Combination
Start off the first day with Mike Vondruska's PASSPORT to Everyday Adventures assembly program. The 2 or 3 day juggling workshops in your PE classes can begin that same day or start the following day.




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