A Message from Mike Vondruska to School Assemblies Coordinators
First of all . . . THANKS!
Thank you for taking the time to investigate our highly interactive student programs.
These days with a sea of so many assembly programs to choose from, it can be a real daunting task to find and select assemblies which will be a good fit for the students at your school. Over the last 30 years of conducting programs in schools throughout the US and Canada, I have talked to my share of assembly coordinators and listened as they sometimes confided in me about their frustrations in searching for quality programs.
After hearing some of the same comments over and over again, I decided to create a helpful list I call,
10 Points to Consider when Scheduling a School Program
I have jotted down a few things you may want to be aware of when seeking out good reliable assembly programs.
Please take at look at the different programs I can offer to your students. If you are not sure which one is right for your school, please contact me and I can help you. If you already know which program(s) you would like, then let's get in touch to find an available date and then I can get you the appropriate paperwork.
Your Choices are . . .
45 minute Assembly Program / - 3 days of Juggling Workshops / Family Juggling Night / Combination
- Elementary School Program
Life Lessons Learned:
Everyday can be an adventure in learning something new
Stressing the value of persistence and of learning from your mistakes
How to become an everyday encourager to others
- Middle/Jr.High/High School Assembly
Life Lessons Learned:
Conquering the everyday challenges in making right decisions
Value of making a "Life List" and the 4 steps to achieve them
Understanding the personal rewards for respecting others
To capture the attention of your students in order to hit home these messages, I intersperse real life stories, humor, total audience participation, on stage student and teacher volunteers, as well as utilizing his professional expertise in manipulating objects (think juggling/unicycling/ball spinning).

Student Participation Juggling Workshops Elementary School Workshops      Middle/High School Workshops
Benefits: "Eye-Tracking" and "Peripheral Tracking" helps to promote better reading skills
              It is a hands-on lesson in persistence and patience in learning something new
              Teach students how to break down a new skill by learning it in a step-by-step progression
              Identifying the important positive role of making mistakes during the learning process
              Once learned, juggling can become a life-long hobby. (It happened for me starting at age 11).
Yes, every student can participate. Students always retain more by doing, rather than by just watching. The kids use colorful nylon juggling scarves (older kids may progress to beanballs). Scarves are like "training wheels" for juggling because they fall slowly. In this way, students can see the pattern clearly and have plenty of time to react to the next throw. Up to 100 students can participate at one time per workshop class. Early elementary students learn with 1 & 2 scarves and the older students learn 3.

Combine the  assembly followed by Juggling Workshops

Family Juggling Night Event Elementary Schools
This is a one hour evening program where families can interact with each other and have fun together as they learn simple juggling skills. This event can take place in the evening after a daytime school program or as a standalone program. Picture hundreds of blue, yellow, and red nylon scarves safely being tossed airborne in your gym or multipurpose room. Add upbeat music with the non-stop action and this will be one event to remember. Parents really get into the juggling because many have always wanted to learn to do it. Definitely, bring your camera to this night.




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