By Mike Vondruska
Making a Life List means writing down everything you would really like to do, see, experience, learn, and accomplish in your life. Having a written visual list in front of you is the beginning step in crafting your life the way you envision it. Your personalized Life List portrays your passions, your interests it turns into your map or guide or what I call, your PASSPORT to Everyday Adventures.
Real passports are stamped with the addresses of exotic locations visited. Your Life List or PASSPORT to Everyday Adventures is stamped with your stimulating specific objectives to a purpose-driven life.
Life Lists really do help turn your life into an exciting adventure. Creating a Life List dramatically boosts your motivation level as you start to believe "YES, I CAN AND WILL ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALS THROUGHOUT MY LIFE." There is great power in the written word. Energy and optimism can explode with the enthusiasm to get started in a process to accomplish these things one at a time. Your direction in life becomes so much clearer.
With your personal life objectives written down, your life compass is pointing to full steam ahead!
And of course, our interests do change throughout our lifetime and some of the things we may have put on our list a few years back may now seem lame to us. This is natural as our knowledge and our world experience expands and interests change. Probably as an adult, the goal we wrote as a young kid on our Life List about flying like Superman might not seem terribly important to us now. Creating a college fund for our new baby daughter, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, or learning scrapbooking might replace the Superman dream. 
It's great to make a list at any age. Here are a few real examples of what a 7 year old boy wrote on his Life List.
Read a 200+ page book
Go water skiing
Make something that goes in public.
Never get an ear infection until I'm ten.
Eat wild food
Visit any hall of fame for any sport
Be in the newspaper twice
Never wear long sleeves to school on the first day
Visit a place on the equator
Be a dad
All Life Lists are unique to the author. There are no right or wrong goals. They are in essence, a reflection of who we are, what kind of person we would like to be, and what small or gigantic achievements we will strive to accomplish in the near, distant, and far future.
Our Passport to living a life of self-design begins with a Life List




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