Library Programs

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The 30/30 Family Program <— My Most Popular Library Program!

This is a 2-part program


30 Minute Show


First, I will perform a Fun 30 Minute Family Show with comedy, juggling, unicycling, and ball spinning using upbeat music. Each show may change somewhat as I gage the predominate ages of the kids in the audience prior to showtime to determine what I will do in the performance.

Example: With a predominantly 3-6 year old crowd whose attention span is not going to be as long as a group of 7-10 year olds, I would be much more animated and perform bits which take less “set-up” time to accomplish while using more high energy interaction to keep their attention.


30 Minute Total Participation Juggling & Movement Session


Immediately following the performance, everyone in the audience will get to experience juggling first hand. That includes all the kids as well as all the moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who would like to play too. I bring enough slow-falling colorful nylon juggling scarves for everyone to participate. Scarves are like “training wheels” for juggling.

Picture hundreds of colorful scarves blanketing the air and upbeat music pumping out a rhythm as everyone is constantly moving and learning some juggling skills. It’s a blast!



Fun Interactive Family Show

This is a 45 minute action-filled family performance with comedy, juggling, unicycle, ball spinning, and of course, constant interaction with the audience. It’s the 30 minute show in the above program, only a little longer.

Throwing Things

Fun “hands-on” workshop geared for older kids & adult groups

This 90 minute participation workshop will appeal to the pre-teen and teen crowd -ages 10 through high school. This is also a fun (and different) activity for adult groups. It could also be a parent/older child activity. Students learn juggling skills with scarves, beanballs, and will also be able to experi-ment with other manipulation props like Spin Jammers, Luna Stix, and Rope Spinning. Balancing things are also a part of this fun workshop. I will include a short mini-show/demonstration of some cool juggling moves.



“Thanks again for performing for us. You clearly captivated the audience. Your show provided great fun and laughter for the families of the Cook Library District.”
Youth Programs Coordinator / Cook Memorial Public Library, Libertyville IL
“The comments afterwards ranged from ‘Wow!’ to ‘This was the best program ever!’ You were a pleasure to work with: very professional and a really nice person. I am definitely adding you to my list of favorite performers.”
Youth Services Dept / Broadview Public Library, Broadview IL
“I really appreciate all the interaction you did with the kids.”
Youth Services Dept / Elmhurst Public Library, Elmhurst IL
“’What a blast!’ someone said leaving yesterday’s show. We could not be more agreeable. Your enthusi-asm, energy, and interaction with the audience was unbeatable.”
Youth Services Dept / Foountaindale Public Library, Bolingbrook IL

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