Mike Vondruska

Fun Interactive Entertainment

Performing in Shanghai, China

From town festivals, to circuses, Renaissance Faires, park districts, in over 2000 schools, cruise ships, corporate events, and more . . . Mike Vondruska is a seasoned entertainer! Mike has given over 5000 performances for audiences across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and in China.








These are the key elements to making everyone smile, laugh, and applaud his crazy likable antics.

Mike’s 30-45 minute comedy performance could include skillful-yet – funny juggling feats with balls, clubs, scarves, spinning plates, and maybe fire torches. Crazy one – wheel cycling and upbeat music add to the fun.

Improvisation is a staple in Mike’s show as you never know what the audience participants will do on stage.

The “unknown” in Mike’s performance makes every show unique!

Wherever your event will take place . . . on the main stage (indoors or outside), under a tent, in the gym, your backyard, or in your community parade, Mike Vondruska can provide you with fun interactive entertainment for “kids of all ages.”

For every performance (unless flying to the engagement), Vondruska comes prepared with his own sound system and wireless microphone. All he needs is an electrical outlet, a minimum of 15′ x 15′ floor space, and at least a 9′ ceiling.

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