Top 10 Reasons Why Your Students Should Learn Juggling Skills
by Mike Vondruska
#1. Learning juggling skills can help students with their reading abilities because both skills require the same use of peripheral tracking and eye tracking.
#2. Learning juggling skills helps to improve eye-hand coordination.
Enhanced self-confidence from learning a new skill. Some kids are not into sports, choir, or band, but they may shine as a juggler. It may become their hobby and way to show off and to some degree, feel accepted and important. “Hey mom, Look, Look, I can juggle!” I have personally seen this happen on many occasions.
#4. Like riding a bike, once your students learn, they will remember it for a lifetime.
#5. It’s fun to defy gravity. What kid doesn’t like to toss things around?
#6. The step-by-step progression in learning juggling skills can be a model for practicing patience and persistence in learning other fun activities.
#7. Leonardo de Vinci knew how to juggle.
#8. Improved fine motor skills such as enhanced handwriting ability.
The PE teachers at your school can learn how to put a class of juggling into their curriculum by observing our teaching methods. It is an in-service seminar for them as well as the kids. Why not ask them if they would like to have this program come to your school.
#10. Since 1978, my staff and I have conducted over 20,000 classes in teaching juggling skills and so you can rest assured that you are contracting someone who not only knows how to teach juggling but knows how to effectively work with large groups of students at one time.


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